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I help ambitious working moms create work-life balance, reduce stress and find inner joy and connection.

Is This You?

On the outside, everything looks perfect. Great job, awesome kids, wonderful partner.

Yet on the inside, you feel like you're barely hanging by a thread, trying to juggle that work deadline, meal planning, ushering kids to activities, coordinating playdates, booking doctors appointments, researching summer camps. Oh and your team at work needs you so you work extra hours at night trying to catch up. You're not sure if you're a good employee and you're not sure if you're a good mother. Every time you try to set boundaries, you feel guilt, you fear disappointing others. Your perfectionist self cringes.

You want to be a better leader at home and a better leader at work. Yet, you don't go after that opportunity, you don't ask for that promotion. You procrastinate and self-sabotage. You start resenting others for the way you feel. How does everyone else balance it all? You've always been a perfect student, you have the job you want, why can't you figure it out on your own?

You don't feel like you should be complaining because you have it SO MUCH BETTER than others already.

If this is you, I SEE YOU.

My approach is based on complete non-judgment, curiosity and compassion.

1. Define your vision

It's hard to know how and what to change if we don't know where we want to go. We start by defining a clear vision for your goals and aspirations. What's the after? What's the before? What needs to change? This first step alone is immensely powerful. Most of us do this perhaps once at the beginning of a new year - we often ask ourselves WHAT we want to achieve but the key question that's often missing is "how do we want to FEEL?"

2. Bring clarity

We map out all of the obstacles to you achieving that vision. When we get down to it, always, at the root of every obstacle, is the avoidance of a difficult emotion. Perfectionism, imposter syndrome, lack of self-esteem or self-confidence, self-judgment, are frequent obstacles for most of my clients.

3. Access your inner wisdom

We are all ultimately our best guides and advisors, but we often don't know how to access that part of us. My role as a coach is to ask you pointed questions so that you can pause and question your beliefs, revisit your assumptions, and break down mental walls. One of my favorite question is "what would your older self say to your current self?"

Are you ready to create the results you want?

Topics I may cover in our sessions include:

  • Setting goals and sticking with them
  • Getting things done without the overwhelm
  • Setting boundaries without the guilt
  • Improving relationships without changing the other person

My offerings include:

  • 1:1 weekly or bi-weekly coaching: if you want to go deep
  • Group coaching programs for a small group: you have a group of like-minded friends who would like to bond and coach together.

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